Hi, I'm Mari!

After going on my own 90lb weight loss journey, I wanted to help more people transform their lives like I did and so SLAY was born! I could never have imagined how much support it would get though and am so proud that SLAY is now a community with over 100,000 women who have conquered their health and fitness goals.

Starting today, you can become the newest member of that community, and with the SLAY app you can access everything you need to transform like I did in the palm of your hand. From Home and Gym Workout Guides to Delicious, Nutritious Recipes, to Progress Tracking, with the SLAY app, you can take control of your fitness, anywhere, anytime!

Workout Plans

Slay workout plans have been designed by me based on my own transformation journey and are all adaptable to fit your schedule and ability, to help make your goals a reality

11 plans to follow for working out at home or the gym

Over 700 unique workouts

Choose your level, location and frequency


Nutrition is a huge part of any transformation, and Slay has you covered, with some of my favourite recipes, carefully selected to help you keep meal and snack times healthy and delicious!

Over 100 Meals

4 different diet types

Easy to follow recipes

Best app to stay consistent!


Been following Mari for over a year now, this app is a great product. It makes the workouts and programs so easy to follow and learn. You can track and keep notes about your workouts, and add progress photos. Ive been using this app a month now and will carry on using it for a long time to come! £10 a month is a bargin!

Thank you Mari


This app is so fun to follow and it feels like such a good workout even in a short time. Love that I can track all of my progress and reps every single day! Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow and the next year! ❤️❤️❤️

Above and beyond!

Emily Stocker

I've been using Mari's guides for two years and this app is above and beyond any expectations! Just clicking on the exercise gives you a demo video, a coach's note about form, and place to track your progress with each individual exercise! I used to back and forth between her guide, my notes app for

Download the Slay app

Download Slay today and follow my workout plans as you progress through your own transformation journey!

Join a community of over 100,000 Slay girls
11 workout plans, designed by me
Record your workouts and track your progression
Custom home screen dashboard
Try one of our delicious SLAY recipes
Smash your fitness goals


Tracking your workouts is crucial for hitting your goals. Slay helps you track progress to see how far you have come!

View your history in every exercise

Track your Personal Records

Update your progress journal


I am here to help you on every step of your journey, all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to maximize your workouts and reach your goals can be found in SLAY

Coach's notes to help you nail your form, target a certain muscle, and more

Exercise Glossary with videos for every type of exercise

Visit our dictionary which helps keep working out simple!

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Buy one of our Slay products to take your workout to the next level, or visit our sister company Bloom Nutrition for any of your supplement needs!

Our Mission With Like-Minded Women

As many of you know, Slay began as a workout PDF named “Mari Fitness.” The Mari Fitness plan was created based on Mari’s own 90lb weight loss transformation. The Mari Fitness workouts helped to transform over 100,000 lives. We’ve taken our best selling workout plan, and turned it into an engaging, easy-to-use app. Join the community now!

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